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What Kind of Wedding Shoes Should Pregnant Women Wear?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you're reading this, and you're pregnant - congratulations - what an exciting time! Of course, finding out you're pregnant while planning your wedding can be overwhelming but that doesn't mean you have to ditch your plans for your dream day if it's important to you. So today, we've rounded up everything you need to know to help you pick wedding shoes when pregnant.

There are so many changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy, and one such change is gaining weight which is likely to cause your feet to swell and ache. The best thing that you can do for your feet in pregnancy is to wear comfortable shoes that are a size or half bigger than your actual size with good arch and ankle support.

Why is it important to wear comfortable shoes during pregnancy?

Choosing to wear comfortable shoes during pregnancy can prevent the following:

Swelling of feet and legs

As the uterus grows, the pressure around the pelvic area increases slowing down the blood flow which leads to accumulation of fluid or swelling around your feet and ankles.

Varicose veins

The slow blood flow described above can cause varicose veins in pregnancy. Varicose veins are purple or blue in colour and often feel painful and heavy. Some women with varicose veins experience itching or burning on the skin.

Sprain or trauma to the ligament

The improved flexibility of the collagen caused by increased levels of relaxin hormone to help the pelvic region in becoming more flexible for the upcoming delivery can make the ligaments more susceptible to traumas and sprains.

Heel pain

The natural weight gain in pregnancy causes the ached portfolio of the heel to flatten which makes your footsteps roll inwards putting pressure on the plantar fascia ligament and may lead to heel pain in pregnancy. Wearing a pair of shoes that provides support and cushion to your footbed and helps you maintain balance at the same time can help with heel pain.

Can I wear heels during pregnancy?

Many women decide to wear heels through their nine months of pregnancy, but doctors do advice against doing so as they come with certain risks.

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If you do decide to wear heels, avoid stilettos, platform heels or kitten heels as the thin heels lessen support and make it all the more difficult for you to maintain balance which could result in a fatal fall. Wedges are also not advisable because the shape and centre of gravity changes affecting your walking which may lead to muscle strain and joint instability. Low heels with a wide fit will support your feet and help to distribute your body weight equally which will help in reducing pain and may save you from tripping.

If you have worn heels and are experience discomfort, try stretching exercies for your calf muscles.

What is the best kind of shoe to opt for in pregnancy?

The best kind of shoe to opt for in pregnancy is a pair of flats (pumps or sandals/flip flops) that slip-on without the need for you to bend over.

Professionals suggest that the best kind of shoe to opt for in pregnancy should ideally do up with straps, laces or velcro, have a shock absorption sole, have a supportive arch and a firm heel.

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Where can I buy maternity wedding shoes?

Needless to say, it is quite difficult to find all of the above in a shoe that is also dressy enough for a wedding. We recommend starting your search with the shops listed below.



Dr Scholl's Shoes

Hotter Shoes

Hush Puppies





If you were pregnant for your wedding please share what wedding shoes you wore in the comments below to help others who are now in the same position you were!


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